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No distinction on the label for source of glycerin (animal or vegetable) so any product containing glycerin is also suspected.


No distinction on the label for the source of animal, so any product containing gelatin is Haram or suspected.


The source can be animal, plant or microbial. Normally the label does not make any distinction.


Commercially available mono and diglycerides may be manufactured from vegetable oil, beef fat or lard.  If not labeled as vegetable, then product is considered suspected.

Questionable and non-Halal Ingredients.


All foods are considered Halal except:  Swine / pork and all its by-products or derivatives, Carnivorous animals and birds of prey, Animals not slaughtered according to the Islamic requirements, Blood and blood by-products, Alcohol and other intoxicants, Foods that are contaminated with haram products, Food products and ingredients such as gelatin, enzymes, emulsifiers, etc. are considered Mash-booh and must be evaluated before they can be accepted.

Whey and Diary products

Depends on the enzyme used to curdle the milk. Normally the label does not make any distinction, so the products are suspected.


Alcohol (intoxicants : ethanol) is prohibited in Islam.  There is no allowance for added alcoholic drinks in food, cooking or formulations.


Animal or plant source?

Authorized animal ?  Halal Slaughtered ?

Animal Fat or Protein

Complex ingredient (source of all ingredients ?)


Authorized animal ?  Halal Slaughtered ?

L-Cysteine and other amino acids

Source ?

Other ingredients ?

Source ?

non halal ingredients
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