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Halal Assurance System


Halal Assurance System (HAS) is an integrated management system which is developed, implemented, and maintained to manage materials, production processes, products, human resources, and procedures in order to maintain the sustainability of halal production process in accordance with Halal requirements.


- To maintain the consistency of Halal Product  during halal certificate validity.

- To arise internal awareness in the company.

- The company has a guideline on halal  production process.

- To prevent any cases in non-Halalness of product that have been halal certified.

Benefit of HAS implementation 

Halal manual should include

•Halal Policy  

•Halal Guidelines  

•Halal Management Organization  

•Standard Operating Procedure  

•Technical References  

•Administration and Documentation System Training  

•Internal Audit  

•Corrective and Preventive Actions  

•Management Review 

Principles of HAS  

- Determination of Halal critical points  

- Development and verification of flowchart 

- Implementation of   control measures

- Development of corrective actions 

- Documentation system and management     of records

- Process verification

Halal manual should include

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